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Worms are the main cause of goat deaths. A veterinarian's advice is needed


goat showing bottle jaw and thin due to worms

Goats with bottle jaw are in danger of dying. Cause is generally barber's pole worm but can also be liver-fluke or Johne's disease 

Tapeworm segments & clumped faeces

tapeworm segments in goat faeces

Clumped faeces indicate worms. Tapeworms can be an issue in kids. 

Pale mcous membranes

goat showing pale mucous membranes due to barber's pole worms or Haemonchus contortus

When mucous membranes are this pale your goats are in danger of dying of worms. Act now !

Services to help you control worms on your farm

FAMACHA (c) courses


Arrange to host a FAMACHA course on your farm and invite goat (sheep or alpaca) owners. $500  & travel plus cards at cost. Quotes given to goat clubs who often make a profit by running these courses. 

Worm Egg Count Courses


I run these courses for goat owners that wish to do their own  worm egg counts. Participants need to first buy their own microscope and egg counting chambers.  

Individual Property Worm Control Plans


I inspect your pastures, study your past records, current paddocks & rotations then advise you on a plan to control worms on your farm. I am a WormBoss Technical advisor and a veterinarian who can provide worm drenches "off-label" with a prescription. . 



BioWorma can be sold to my clients in small amounts as part of a worm control plan. 

Faecal Egg Count Reduction Tests

A Saanen goat with diarrhoea or diarrhea or loose faeces

I do faecal or fecal egg counts  reduction tests for drench resistance by a modified method that allows the test to be done in small herds of goats

Small amounts of worm drench or COWP boluses


Small amounts of worm drench or Copper Oxide Wire Particle boluses can be provided via prescription to clients (whose property I have visited or goats I have seen)  as part of a worm plan 

Free Goat Weight Chart to Download

This document allows you to estimate the weight of your goat from the chest  measurement in cms. 

Goat weight chart (pdf)


Collecting Faecal Samples from a Goat

This video show you how to collect a faecal sample for worm egg counts. 

Checking for anaemia

In barber's pole worm areas, your goats' eye colour should be checked at least every fortnight & weekly in summer 

Frequently Asked Questions - Free to download

These documents will be able to answer common questions. 

FAQ Worms (pdf)


Bioworma FAQ (pdf)