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Saanen kid after disbudding. White kid suckling bottle after disbudding

Disbudding kids

All kids are given a meloxicam gel for pain relief and disbudded by a hot iron that burns the whole horn growing area. We also anaesthetize all kids  with a safe short acting intravenous anaesthetic. Total cost is $47 a kid plus any traveling.   Kids need to be disbudded as soon as you can feel a horn bud which can be 3 days in dairy breed buck kids or 5-7 days in doe kids.  Phone to arrange an appointment just after kids are born. 

A goat having nerve injected with local anaesthetic prior to having its horns removed.

Dehorning adult goats

Adult goats are dehorned when needed to protect other goats and people from injury.  Costs vary from $120 for kids approximately 2-3 months where there is no open frontal sinus to $165 for does where they need to be bandaged due to an opening into the frontal sinus. Bucks are double. This is done using 2 local nerve blocks per side and a injected unaesthetic so the goat  is asleep. 

Anaesthetized buck kid after castration . 2 testicles shown after removal.


Male kids being kept as pets should be castrated surgically after 60 days to ensure maximum width of the urinary tract & hence protect from urinary calculi.  Goats are given both a general anesthetic and local blocks plus ongoing pain medication. $195 if done between 2-3 months and $220 if done between 3-6 months. 

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