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Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis or CAE

Incurable & Infectious

Nubian doe with enlarged carpus or knee joints , some swelling in other joints and wasting

This doe is showing the typical signs of enlarged knees and otehr joints and wasting despite excellent feed. 

Pneumonia form of CAE

Saanen doe with CAE showing breathing with an open mouth

This doe had great difficulty breathing and breathed through its mouth to try and get more oxygen into its lungs. Note also the twisted front legs 

Wasting & swollen knees

Saanen milking doe with signs of wasting and enlarged knees due to CAE

Typical signs of CAE 


CAE booklet (within Australia or e-book if overseas)


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This is written for Australian conditions and has a lot of very practical advice and is printed on demand so is always up-to-date.

Free Downloads about CAE

CAE  is a viral disease of goats that has no treatment nor vaccine &  causes:

  • Arthritis, especially of the knees
  • Wasting
  • Nervous signs
  • Hard udder/mastitis
  • Chronic pneumonia

This virus is so similar to the Maedi Visna virus of sheep that both viruses are now called Small Ruminant Lentivirus. 

Below  are free downloads about CAE , I also read my posts on my  Facebook  page that I manage about CAE (where I post at least weekly). Search  Facebook for Let's Eradicate CAE.

26 Frequently Asked Questions about CAE (pdf)


CAE is a disease Developed countries gave to Developing Countries (pdf)


Modern CAE Testing (pdf)


1 page Fact-sheet on CAE (pdf)


Video Interviews from goat breeders who eradicated CAE

Interview with Mrs Dulcie Richards who eradicated CAE from her herd after it killed most of her goats.  Milking competitions spread it at shows. 

More CAE interviews

Interview with Pete Ross who eradicated CAE in the 1980s by snatch birthing kids 

Interview with Kate Thomson who eradicated CAE and had a case of the hard udder form. She eradicated by snatch birthing & culling in 2 years. 

Interview with Noelene Dean

Description of hard udder and teh big knee form of CAE and how she eradicated CAE twice from her herd and has then kept it out for decades.

Read more on my Facebook page about CAE below 

Buck owners need to know their bucks can get CAE from does

Normal looking does can be carriers of the CAE virus and pass it on to bucks via their vaginal mucous . Ensure all does that come for service to your buck come from tested free herds. 

Mating and Spread of CAE (pdf)


Download the file to send details of your goats

We use this to pre-print the labels for the blood sample bottles . Choose either the Excel or Word template 

Goat details for sample bottles Form (xlsx)


Goat details for sample bottles (docx)


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