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Johne's disease (paratuberculosis)

Anglo-Nubian doe showing wasting due to Johne's disease

Johne's disease is now deregulated so it's Buyer Beware


  • Johne's disease has no treatment
  • Lasts for over a year in the environment
  • Has an incubation period of years
  • Goats with Johne's disease just look skinny and get weaker
  • Can be introduced with an infected goat, cow, sheep, deer or alpaca or their manure

Table showing when certain tests become positive for Johne's disease

Only buy goats from tested negative herds

Testing just the goat you buy or a kid will not stop you introducing Johne's disease into your herd as tests turn positive around the time the goat is infectious. There is no test that is accurate in a kid.   Get copies of the last few years whole herd  annual negative tests and ask about biosecurity in between these tests. Ideally only buy goats that are from herds in an official  scheme such as MAP . Check the database of herd here.

goat woner with Anglo-Nubian goats with a MAP certificate for Johne's disease  assurance

MAP herds

Buying goats from herds in the Market Assurance Scheme is the safest way. Dr Sandra Baxendell is a MAP accredited veterinarian  & can guide you through this process and collect the samples. Quotes provided.


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Free Downloads about Johne's Disease

Read about Johne's disease for free here. 

1 page Fact-Sheet about Johne's (pdf)


Frequnetly Asked Questions about JD (pdf)


Johne's disease in goats lecture

Check out this great video about Johne's disease in goats 

Download the template for details of your goats

 We use this to pre-print the labels for the blood sample bottles . Choose either the Excel or Word template  

Goat details for sample bottles form (xlsx)


Goat details for sample bottles (docx)


Submissions Made to Government About Johne's Disease

I was very active, although ultimately unsuccessful, in trying to keep herds with Johne's disease in quarantine and our state a protected zone. 

November 2015 Bovine JD (pdf)


Jan 2015 Submission to Cattle Review (pdf)


JD Submission June 2015 (pdf)