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Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz

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Dr Sandra Baxendell, goatvetoz  giving a lecture to a goat club

Helping goat owners by translating the latest research into practical ideas that can be implemented on your goat farm. 

Dr Sandra Baxendell in a surgical gown & wearing a headlamp castrating a goat kid


Facebook Comments

 I have very active Facebook page where I post items of interest about goats and hints on keeping goats healthy. My rating is currently 4.9  stars out of 5 with 42 reviews. Many of my clients have posted nice comments about my services. Some are below: or go to my Facebook page direct hen look at Reviews  


Posted 2 May 2014

"  Thanks so much for visiting my "kids" yesterday.  Your help and advice  was greatly appreciated. I love that you are as passionate about goats  as I am ...."

Posted 16 May 2016

"Sandra is amazing. She has been incredibly kind and her knowledge is outstanding! I highly recommend her"

Posted 10 November 2015

". Came to the Gold Coast all the way to see my goats! Absolutely amazing and so helpful! Thank you so much "

Posted November 2017

"Many, many thanks for ongoing help and advice, given promptly and realistically. Our Goats thank you."

Field Days & Talks – I encourage goat clubs to arrange talks and hands on  goat husbandry training.  Often these are sold out in only a few days.  


Here is a post from the Townsville & District Goat Club Facebook page after they arranged for me to hold a FAMACHA course 

18  October 2016 "A huge (and belated, sorry) Thank You to everyone for the  FAMACHA course on the weekend! I got so much from the course and had  heaps of little questions that have been buzzing around my head  answered. Thanks Sandra for traveling all the way, and being patient  with my interruptions, and Brian for facilitating. I look forward to the  next session already, thank you!"

Feedback from courses

Evaluation sheets are handed out at all courses that are held and collated feedback is given to the organizers. Ask for copies from similar courses that have been held. 

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How can we help you get healthier goats? We offer a broad range of veterinary services and training courses packages that be customized to your needs. Send us a message today and we can start you on a path to healthy happy goats. 

Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz

22 Lesina Street, Keperra Queensland 4054, Australia

07 33556404 0477 813 278 or email goatvetoz@gmail.com

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Smart Owners, Health Goats

Science and evidence based information in our newsletters 

Goat Veterinary Consultancies - goatvetoz

22 Lesina Street, Keperra, Brisbane, QLD 4054, AU

0477 813 278

Past Newsletters

Worming pregnant or kidded does, abomasal bloat, barbers pole worms, vomiting in goats, bioworma, 

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Submissions to Government re Veterinary Medicine for goats

Access to veterinary medicines by veterinarians and goat owners is severely restricted due to lack of residue data for goats. I have taken many opportunities to raise this issue in government reviews, even speaking direct to the Productivity Commissioners. Read my submissions below.

Submission on Vet Prescribing rights (pdf)


Product Commission Red Tape in Agriculture (pdf)


Agvet Chemicals Amendment Bill (pdf)


Agvet Chemical Regulations 2014 (pdf)


HACCUT submission Dec 2018 (pdf)